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Cast Iron Round Surface Plate

Our cast iron round surface plate which is made of the qualified HT200-300 cast iron is available with the working surface hardness of HB770 to 240. Our surface inspection plate has gone through the 600℃ to 700℃ artificial annealing and 2 to 8 years of natural aging, with an attempt to attain stable precision and excellent abrasion resistance. In the light of the national standard metrological verification regulations, the precision degree of this cast iron surface plate could be Grade0, Grade1, Grade2, or Grade3.

This type of surface plate is applicable for all sorts of purposes with regard to the inspection tasks and precise measurement. It is utilized as the inspecting and measuring tool used for the machines. In addition, it can check up the dimensional precision of the parts. So to speak, this precision surface table acts as an essential tool in the machinery manufacturing industry.

Till now, there are no round surface plate related manufacturing standards in China. And different clients choose the products of diverse sizes. Therefore, we have no stock for this kind of product, and the related specification table is not available at present. If necessary, you can contact with our sales personnel. We will absolutely provide you with the optimal iron surface plates, if you offer the drawings or relevant application requirements.

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