1. Cast Iron Inspection Surface PlateThe cast iron inspection surface plate serves as the measuring basis, which is used for inspecting the machinery parts’ geometric tolerance such as flatness, straightness, etc. Also, it can be used to the scribing, abrasive machining, equipment installation, and more.
    1. Cast Iron Coordinate Lineation Surface PlateThe cast iron coordinate lineation surface plate serves as the datum plane for precise measurement and all kinds of inspection tasks. It can inspect the precision of the machinery parts size. Currently, our iron calibration plate has become one of the indispensable tools in the machinery manufacturing industry.
    1. Cast Iron T Slotted Surface PlateThe cast iron T slotted surface plate is a industrial measuring tool mainly used to secure workpiece. Bench workers utilize it for debugging, installing, and maintaining the equipment. This kind of workpiece measuring plate could be manufactured with the precision grade 1, 2, 3, or fine machining.
    1. Cast Iron Round Surface PlateOur cast iron round surface plate which is made of the qualified HT200-300 cast iron is available with the working surface hardness of HB770 to 240. Our surface inspection plate has gone through the 600℃ to 700℃ artificial annealing and 2 to 8 years of natural aging, with an attempt to attain stable precision and excellent abrasion resistance.
    1. Cast Iron RailsThe high-strength cast iron HT200-300 with the working surface hardness of HB170-240 is used as the raw material. Two times of manual handling such as 600℃ to 700℃ artificial annealing and 2 to 3 years of natural aging, make the finished product acquire the stable precision and good anti-abrasion performance.
    1. 3D Welding TableThe 3D flexible welding table is entirely cast from HT250 materials. Its perforated grille is designed with different bore diameters: 28mm and 16mm.

Cast Iron Surface Plate

The cast iron surface plate made through scraping or grinding, is mainly used for leveling the large-scale equipment. It is rational in design, secure in structure, as well as high in precision. It can realize the splicing of the 3,000mm to 6,000mm plate. Our cast iron calibration plate is widely applied in the machining operation. It is also commonly found in the tools workshop, repair workshop, measuring room, etc. Our product can inspect, measure the flatness, angular tolerance value of the workpieces.

Standard: In general, our cast iron plate is made in line with the national standard. Also, it can be made in compliance with the German DIN876 Standard.

Methods to Install and Level the Cast Iron Surface Plate
  • Leveling jacks
  • Plate stand
  • Foundation Bolt
  • Foundation Bolt
  • Adjustable leveling anchor
  • Ajustable leveling bolt
  • Adjustable leveling bolt

Related Names
Measuring Instrument | Calibration Tools | Inspection Platform

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