1. Non-sparking Striking Box End WrenchThe 11003 non-sparking striking box end wrench is a safety tool processed from aluminum bronze. It is known that copper has excellent heat-conducting property and contains no carbon. The heat generated in a short period when the non-sparking tool rubs against or strikes the object, will be absorbed and transmitted.
    1. Non-sparking Single-head Open End WrenchThe non-sparking single-head open end wrench is manually used to tighten or loose the screws. It is a kind of ratcheting open end wrench, easy to use, and requires low cost.
    1. Non-sparking Striking Open End WrenchThe non-sparking striking open end wrench is made from beraloy and aluminum bronze alloy through several processes. The raw materials are explosion proof and antimagnetic. This explosion proof wrench has many different surface treatment methods for you to choose.
    1. Non-sparking Bent Striking Box End WrenchCompared to the common type, our non-sparking bent striking box end wrench is equipped with the specially designed shank, which allows this non-sparking tool to work more effectively in certain operating environment.
    1. Non-sparking Bent Striking Open End WrenchThis non-sparking bent striking open end wrench is fit for the large-scale sectors, including oil industry, chemistry industry, metallurgic industry, power plant, etc. It is a necessary safety tool used for equipment installation, facility inspection, and maintenance.

Non-sparking Wrench

Our non-sparking wrench is a special wrench which serves as the indispensable assembly tool in the machinery manufacturing industry. Also, it is commonly used for all kinds of repairing work.

We can make all kinds of special hand operated spanners, for instance, non-sparking striking box end wrench, non-sparking single-head open end wrench, non-sparking striking open end wrench, non-sparking bent striking box end wrench, non-sparking bent striking open end wrench, among others. All those non-sparking tools are high in quality, reasonable in price.

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