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Sine Protractor

The sine protractor can be used to accurately measure the angle, cone, and conical bore. It is precision measuring tool that can be applied to install the blank of angle gage, so that the blank can be processed by the grinding machine.

This sine bar protractor mainly covers a steel cuboid and two cylindrical squares. Usually, the distance L between the two cylindrical axes is 100mm or 200mm. Following picture is about how the sine protractor measures the taper gauge. In the right triangle, sinα=H/L. H represents the size of the gauge block. The tested angle is regarded as the nominal angle. You can get the tested angle error according to the difference between the readings of the two dial gauges. Our industrial sine bar is suited to test the angle of less than 45°. If used to test the angle of less than 30°, it offers the measurement precision of 3" to 5".

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