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Morse Taper Adaptor

The Morse taper adaptor is manufactured and processed from the qualified carbon tool steel or steel pipe. It is characterized by high hardness, good finish, and stable precision. The deviation from cylindrical form is no more than 0.002mm, and the conical degree is 0.001/100.

This metal checking bar is available with seven types of conical degree, such as 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. And the nominal diameters separately are 9.045, 12.065, 17.78, 23.825, 31.267, 44.399, and 63.348.

Types and Application
In accordance with the conical degree, our Morse taper adapter includes the short and long types. The long type is commonly used for the spindle hole of the machine tool. Meanwhile, the short type is suitable for the accessories or connecting holes of machine tool. There are seven models of short type, for instance, B12, B16, B18, B22, and B24. Our machine tool checking rod should be placed in the clean, dry place.

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