1. Leveling JackThe leveling jack used for the cast iron surface plate is manufactured in line with the JB3411.58-99 standard. It is used to support machine parts during inspection. This industrial leveling jack could be made of steel or cast iron. And its surface can be painted or Chrome plated.
    1. Surface Plate Leveling BoltThe surface plate leveling bolt is also applicable for the installation and adjustment of machine tool equipment. It is mainly used to the large-scale assembly platform, adjusting several plates into one flat surface. This adjustable leveling leg is much better than shock mount, because it is convenient to use but not easy to change.
    1. Sine ProtractorThe sine protractor can be used to accurately measure the angle, cone, and conical bore. It is precision measuring tool that can be applied to install the blank of angle gage, so that the blank can be processed by the grinding machine.
    1. Master Ring GaugeThe master ring gauge is fit for measuring the size of the external thread. This thread gauge could be the ordinary coarse thread, fine thread, or pipe thread type. If the size is above 100mm, it will be designed with double handles.
    1. Morse Taper AdaptorThe Morse taper adaptor is manufactured and processed from the qualified carbon tool steel or steel pipe. It is characterized by high hardness, good finish, and stable precision. The deviation from cylindrical form is no more than 0.002mm, and the conical degree is 0.001/100.

Other Measuring Tools

Our product catalogue also consists of some conventional assistive tools and inspection tools. In the factory, we can make all kinds of precision measuring tools, for instance, ring gauge, sine protractor, Morse taper adaptor, etc. All those measurementtools are reasonably price, and come with high quality.

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