1. Granite Surface Plate and Plate StandThe flat granite surface plate is a precision measuring tool made of natural stone material. It is mainly used to inspect the instrument, precision tool, mechanical parts. Its raw material is got from the qualified lithosphere, which has gone through the natural aging for eons of time.
    1. Granite V-blockThe granite V-block chiefly contains pyroxene, plagioclase, olivine, biotite, and magnetite. It is black in appearance, precise in structure. The billions of years of natural aging allow this vee block to possess uniform texture, good stability, high strength, and high hardness.
    1. Granite SquareThe granite square is a professional measuring tool suitable for inspection, measuring, scribing, industry engineering, and equipment installation. Our granite square ruler is used to inspect the verticality of work piece. The flatness precision is in line with the GB6092-85 standard, and the verticality standard is GB6092-85.
    1. Granite ParallelThe granite parallel is mainly applicable for inspecting the perpendicularity and depth of parallelism. It is characterized by uniform texture, good stability, as well as high strength and hardness. Even under the condition of heavy loading, it still can guarantee the high accuracy.
    1. Granite Straight EdgeThis precision straight edge applies the Jinan black granite which features fine structure, uniform texture, good stability, as well as high strength and hardness. It is really an ideal basal plane for the inspection of precision tools and mechanical parts, especially when it comes to the high precise measurement.
    1. Granite Square BlockThe granite square block is a precise reference measurement tool made of natural stone material. Through the strict physical test and granite selection, it is extremely hard in texture. Therefore, this granite measuring block is an ideal reference plane used for the inspection of precision tools and mechanical parts.
    1. Granite Square RulerThis granite square ruler is mainly used to test the verticality or degree of parallelism. It is manufactured in accordance with the standard of GB6092-85. We can customize precision granite square rulers of special or large sizes.
    1. Granite Base Dial Gauge StandThis Granite base dial gauge stand is names as micrometer dial, primarily used to inspect the flatness and depth of parallelism of the cutting tools, precision workpiece, etc. When matched with the dial indicator, electronic probe, it can be used to the relative measurement of the parts or finished product.
    1. Granite Base Indicator StandThe granite base indicator stand is the elementary unit used to the assembly and precision measurement equipment. It is unique in structure. Just by wrenching one knob, you can flexibly fix the measuring bar onto the desired position.
    1. Granite PartsWe can make all kinds of granite measuring tool parts based on your requirements. You need to provide the drawings of granite accessories.

Granite Surface Plate and Measuring Tools

This type of surface plate or measuring tool is made of the Jinan black with the characteristics of fine structure, uniform structure, good stability, as well as high strength and hardness.

Physical Property
Specific Gravity 2970-3070kg/m2
Comprehensive Strength 245-254N/mm2
Coefficient of Linear Expansion 4.61×10-6/℃
Water Absorption <0.13%
Shore Hardness Above Hs70

1. After the long-term natural aging, the granite inspection plate is uniform in structure, and has low coefficient of linear expansion. The internal stress has completely disappeared, which means no deformation will be found. Therefore, our product offers high precision.
2. Our granite measuring tool not only has good rigidity, high hardness, but also superior abrasive resistance. Besides that, it is resistant to dust, rust, acid and base. You don’t have to coat it with oil. This product is easy to maintain, and durable in use.
3. It has no scratches after having been used for a long time. Our surface measurement plate is not limited to the constant temperature, and it can maintain the measuring precision even in the room temperature.
4. This granite surface plate or measuring tool will not be magnetized. It moves smoothly, and will not be affected by moist.

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