1. Cast Iron Angle PlatePrior to using, you should firstly install and debug the product, and then wipe its working surface clean. You can’t use the cast iron angle bracket until you make sure that it has no problem.
    1. Cast Iron T Slotted Angle PlateThe cast iron T slotted angle plate is made in accordance with the GB6092-85 manufacturing standard. It chooses the HT200-HT300 as the raw material, and applies the scraping technology for its working surface. Our precision slotted angle plate is used for the parts inspection.

Cast Iron Angle Plate

The cast iron angle plate applies the raw materials of HT200-HT300, and is manufactured in compliance with the manufacturing standard of GB6092-85. Its working surface is processed with the scraping technology.

This precision angle plate is suited to the parts inspection as well as the clamping in the mechanical processing. It is used to inspect the right angle of the workpiece. When repairing the equipment, it not only can be used to examine the parts perpendicularity, but also used for scribing. You can use this product to inspect the axis verticality of the machine tool.

1. The cast iron tilting angle plate should not be used or placed in the humid, corrosive, and too low or high temperature environment.
2. Before using, its working surface should be wiped clean. Ensure there are no problems prior to using.
3. Avoid the collision as possible as you can. If the angle plate has any drawbacks because of the collision, it should be treated before using, so as to guarantee the precision.

Precision: Grade1, Grade2, Grade3

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