1. Cast Iron Square BlockThe cast iron square block made of HT200 material is in compliance with the manufacturing standard of JB/T3411.56-99. The chief use of this cast iron measuring block is not only to inspect the verticality, depth of parallelism of parts, but also to support the workpiece for scribing.
    1. Magnetic Square BlockThe magnetic square block is similar to the cast iron type in materials and application method. But its V-groove part and bottom part are magnetic, which makes the workpiece that needs inspecting to be firmly fixed onto the square block.
    1. Customized Square BlockWe can provide custom shaped square blocks for all kinds of inspection. It can serve as the basal plate for precision measurement. Besides that, our cast iron block is applicable for the inspection and test of mechanical tools. You can utilize this product to inspect the dimensional precision of the parts.

Cast Iron Square Block

The cast iron square block is mainly used to inspect the verticality, parallelism of parts. It can be utilized to support the workpiece for scribing. Generally, it is a cube or cuboid in appearance. We can make the cast iron measuring block of various sizes based on the client’s requirement. According to the differences of materials and specifications, our metal square block could be the cast iron, magnetic, or special-shaped type.

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