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Wide-stand Magnalium Square

The wide-stand magnalium square can be used to measure the vertical missing of the workpiece's interior angle or exterior angle.

1. This magnalium square ruler is resistant to deformation. Generally, the yield point of the general type steel materials is 30kg/mm2, and the cast iron has the yield point of 38kg/mm2. Differently, the magnalium comes with the yield point up to 110kg/mm2, which means that it has excellent anti-bending and anti-deformation performances.
2. Our magnalium measuring device perfectly resists rust. During the application period, it needs no oil coating. When storing, you just need to slightly coat it with the ordinary type industrial oil.

Size(mm) Precision Grade Weight(kgs)
630×400 0 5
800×500 0 7
1000×630 0 9
1250×800 1 11
1600×1000 1 13
2000×1250 2 15
2600×1500 2 20

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