1. Cast Iron Straight EdgeThe cast iron straight edge made of HT250 is in line with the GB/6318-85 standard. Its working surface could be made through the scraping or precise grinding process. Both working surfaces can be used in combination with the block gauge, micrometer, gradienter, or other instrument.
    1. Bridge Type Straight EdgeOur precision straight edge is mainly used for inspecting the flatness of flat plate, long guide rail, etc., through the coloring method or dial gauge. Moreover, it can be applied to inspect the straightness of the workpiece by the method of light-gap testing.
    1. Cast Iron SquareThe cast iron square manufactured in compliance with GB6092-85m, applies the raw materials such as HT200. Its measuring surface is perpendicular to the datum plane. This kind of metal square ruler is suited to inspect the verticality of the parts, machine tool, and mechanical equipment.
    1. Magnalium Straight EdgeOur magnalium straight edge comes with high precision, and is convenient to use. It is commonly found in the applications, for instance, inspection, measurement, scribing, equipment installation, and engineering construction.
    1. Wide-stand Magnalium SquareOur magnalium measuring device perfectly resists rust. During the application period, it needs no oil coating. When storing, you just need to slightly coat it with the ordinary type industrial oil.
    1. Angle Straight EdgeThe angle straight edge is manufactured in compliance with JB/T7977-99 manufacturing standard. It adopts HT200-300 as the raw materials, and its working surface has been processed with scraping technology. The chief use of precision straight edge is to measure the straightness and flatness of the working piece.
    1. Knife Edge Straight EdgeThe knife edge straight edge is mainly used to measure the straightness and flatness. When used with the gauge block, it also can inspect the horizontal precision. Our edge ruler has such features as simple structure, light weight, rust resistance, and easy operation.
    1. Cylindrical SquareAfter the raw material 45# steel has been lathed and then quenching treated, it will be grinded into the cylindrical angle ruler by the precision grinder. Our precision angle ruler has high precision and long service life.
    1. Steel SquareThe steel square applies bearing steel and alloy tool steel as the raw materials. It not only has been treated with demagnetization process, but also treated for excellent stability. This kind of measuring tool is used to inspect the verticality of the working piece.

Straight Edge and Square

The straight edge or square is made in accordance with the GB/6318-85 manufacturing standard, and applies the HT250 materials. It adopts the scraping or precise grinding process for its working surface. Aside from the equipment installation, this straight edge and angle ruler is also mainly used for inspecting the straightness and flatness of the working piece.

This type of metal measuring tool can be made of cast iron, magnesium alloy and stainless steel. The straight edge could be angle type, bridge type, or knife edge type. Meanwhile, the angle ruler includes the steel type, cylindrical type, cast iron type, and wide-stand magnalium type.

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