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New-type Bench Center

Equipped with a pair of tips that come with the Moh's hardness of 4#, the new-type bench center has been enhanced in the measurement precision. The weight for supporting the machine parts that need testing has been increased accordingly. Thus, this measuring machine can be used to inspect the radial, end, or oblique circular runout.

This bench center applies the scientifically designed dial gauge stand, which can be freely adjusted as you like. Therefore, our product is convenient to operate. Besides that, good rigidity of the dial gauge stand contributes to the flexibility of the inspection instrument.

Main Parameters of Bench Type Measurement Tool
1) Radial rotation precision: 0,001mm
2) Depth of parallelism between the side rail and the tip-tip connection line: 0.005mm (A03, B03), 0.008mm (A05, B05), 0.02mm (A10, B10)
3) Maximum diameters of tested parts: 250mm
4) Maximum length of tested parts: 300mm, 500mm, and 1000mm

Related Names
Measurement Gauge | Run-out Detection Instrument | Workpiece Measuring Tool

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