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Granite Base Bench Center

The granite base bench center is widely applicable for the measurement of shaft parts, plate type product, or machine parts. It mainly inspects the radial run-out, ovality, and end face accuracy error.

1. This precision bench center applies the granite base to greatly enhance the precision of reference plate, thus minimizing the accuracy error.
2. The adjustable gauge stand can conduct the measurement at any position of the base.
3. Our testing instrument is rust resistant as well as convenient to use and store.

Use of Granite Base Bench Center
Screw down the handlebar of eccentric shaft. Firstly, fix the fixed type tailstock onto the base. According to the length of the tested part, fix the adjustable tailstock at the appropriate position. Depress the ball handle and install the part. Use the two tips to support the part central hole. Screw down the handle, and secure the tip. Place the adjustable gauge stand to the desired position. When equipped with the dial gage, the granite base bench center can be applied for inspection and test.

Technical Parameters
Type (mm) Measuring Length (mm) Measuring Diameter (mm) Precision (μm)
300 ≤ 300 ≤ 340 ≤ 1
500 ≤ 500 ≤ 340 ≤ 3
1000 ≤ 1000 ≤ 340 ≤ 5
1500 ≤ 1500 ≤ 340 ≤ 6
Granite Stand Size
Type (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
300 700 500 100
500 900 500 130
1000 1400 500 150
1500 1900 500 200

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