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Gantry CNC Drilling-Milling Machine

Ⅰ. Application
The gantry CNC drilling-milling machine is widely used for the drilling and milling of the tube or plate type parts.

Ⅱ. Structure
1. The drilling-milling machine mainly includes machine tool body, workbench, gantry, slide carriage, power head, cooling system, chip removal system, numerical control system, and so forth.
2. It adopts the fixed type gantry and machine tool body. But its workbench is movable.
3. Both gantry and machine tool body are welded parts. The workbench is made of iron casting. Prior to the processing, all those parts have been treated with high temperature annealing. They have gone through the secondary annealing after the semifinishing. Finally, the finish machining is carried out to ensure the machine precision.
4. This CNC machining equipment has three numerical control axles. It is fixed with the heavy linear guide rail, along which the workbench moves longitudinally. Similarly, the gantry crossbeam is also installed with the linear guide rail, and the slide carriage moves horizontally along with this guide rail. On the slide carriage, a slider is mounted. Therefore, the driving head, which is installed with the guide rail, can move along with Z axle on the slide carriage. X, Y, and Z axles are driven by the servo motor together with the ball screw.
5. The driving head is equipped with the precision spindle manufactured by the Taiwan Company. Due to the variable frequency motor, it can achieve the stepless speed regulation according to the actual conditions. Additionally, the main shaft is made with the BT40 taper hole, through which it can be connected to the dill, milling cutter.
6. Both sides of the workbench are installed with two spiral chip removal devices that work automatically. The machine adopts the water cooling system.
7. Our CNC milling drilling machine makes use of the FAGOR8035 system. The system has the RS232 interface, as well as the color display of Chinese version operation interface. The display makes the operation extremely easy.
8. The X, Y-axis guide rails together with the guide screw are also equipped with the protective cover. The X axle is equipped with the steel plate shield, and the Y axle is protected by the organ shield.
9. To ensure the reliability of CNC machine tool, all the critical parts are imported qualified products. See the attachment for the imported parts.

Item Unit GDC1625D GDC2030d GDC2530d GDC2540d
Workbench Size mm 1600 × 2500 2000 × 3000 2500 × 3000 2500 × 4000
Distance Between Columns mm 2160 2570 3210 3210
Maximum Allowable Loading kg 4000 6000 10000 14000
T-groove Size mm×number 22×8 22×11 28×11 28×11
Extended Range Maxi. Travel of Workbench – X Axle Without Tool Magazine mm 2500 3000 3000 4000
With Tool Magazine mm 2250 2750 2750 3750
Maximum Travel of Carriage – Y Axle mm 1600 2000 2500 2500
Maximum Travel of Main Spindle – Z Axle mm 500 500 500 500
Distance Between the Working Surface and Main Spindle End Face Max. mm 650 650 650 650
Min. mm 150 150 150 150
Main Spindle Taper Hole(7: 24) BT50 BT50 BT50 BT50
No. of Revolution r/min 40-4500 40-4500 40-4500 40-4500
Maximum Output Torque N.m 385/526 (option dl565/770)
Maximum Axial Force N 15000
Motor Power kW 15/20.5 × 2 (option dl22/30× 2)
Maxi. Drilling Diameter mm φ50
Maxi. Facing Cutter Diameter mm φ125
Maxi. Tapping Diameter Cast Iron mm M30
Carbon Steel mm M24
Feeding Feed Speed Range For Cutting mm/min 1-5000
Quick Travel X axle m/min 10
Y axle m/min 10 10 8 8
Z axle m/min 10
Positional Accuracy JB/T8771.4-1998 X axle mm 0.030
Y axle mm 0.025 0.025 0.030 0.030
Z axle mm 0.012
JIS Executive Standard(JISB6330) X axle mm ± 0.005/300
Y axle mm
Z axle mm
Repositioning Accuracy JB/T8771.4-1998 X axle mm 0.018
Y axle mm 0.013 0.013 0.018 0.018
Z axle mm 0.008
JIS Executive Standard
X axle mm ± 0.003
Y axle mm
Z axle mm
Machine Tool Weight kg 33000 37000 45500 48500
Numerical Control System Siemens 840D
Power Capacity KVA 90

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