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Single-arm Milling Machine

DBX30-15F single-arm milling machine is stable in performance, flexible and convenient in operation. It is added with an auxiliary column, which helps significantly enhance the overall rigidity. This product has a vertical milling head which can move toward right or left 30 degrees. Based on the user’s requirement, it can be available with right-angle milling head or universal milling head. Therefore, this horizontal milling equipment has a wide application range. In especial, it is extremely suitable for processing the large-scale or complicated special shaped workpiece.

Our milling machine tool applies the X, Y, Z axle reducer. The reducer is controlled by the frequency conversion electric appliance, through which the feeding speed can be freely adjusted. This speed reducer features stable performance, high working efficiency, and convenient maintenance. Consequently, our large sized milling equipment is widely used in the mechanical processing and manufacturing industries. And it is warmly welcomed by most users.

Item Unit DBX15-08F DBX30-15F
Table Size(L×W) mm 1700×800 3200×1200
Number of T Slots T 4 6
Longitudinal Travel mm 1500 3000
Longitudinal Feeding Speed Kw 45-500mm (Frequency Conversion Adjustable) 45-500mm (Frequency Conversion Adjustable)
Motor Power for Longitudinal Feeding Kw 3 3
Horizontal Milling Head Kw 5.5 72-508 (6 shifts, adjustable) 7.5 75-420(6 shifts, adjustable)
Recommended Cutting Diameter mm φ150 200
Cross Travel of Crossbeam mm 800 1250
Speed of Transverse Feed mm 30-350 (Frequency Conversion Adjustable) 30-350 (Frequency Conversion Adjustable)
Vertical Milling Head Kw 5.5(TEM-V5) 5.5(TEM-V5)
Recommended Cutter Diameter mm 150 150
Automatic Lubricating Power kw 0.37 0.37
Vertical Lifting Travel mm 800(End Milling, Side Milling) 1500(End Milling, Side Milling)
Vertical Lifting Speed mm 50-500(Frequency Conversion Adjustable) 50-500(Frequency Conversion Adjustable)
Verticality Between the Column and Cantilever Beam mm/m 0.03 0.03
Straightness of Longitudinal Feed mm/m 0.03 0.03
Total Power kw 17.35 24.82
Weight T 6.8 18.5

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