1. Gantry CNC Drilling-Milling MachineBoth gantry and machine tool body are welded parts. The workbench is made of iron casting. Prior to the processing, all those parts have been treated with high temperature annealing. They have gone through the secondary annealing after the semifinishing.
    1. Gantry Drilling-Milling MachineThe gantry drilling-milling machine applies the switched reluctance motor. Its running of working surface can achieve the stepless speed regulation. The wide speed adjustable range enables this product to meet all kinds of planing or milling.
    1. Floor Type Face Milling MachineProduct Name: Floor Type Face Milling Machine (Horizontal Milling Machine)
      Model: JD-DX15-08
      Machine Tool Bed (mm): 3200×1000×500
      Column(mm): 600×700×1900
    1. Multifunction Face Milling MachineThe multifunction face milling machine is secure in structure, and has good rigidity, flexibility.
      Our large size milling equipment is used to the groove type milling for the large or ultra large workpiece.
    1. Single-arm Milling MachineDBX30-15F single-arm milling machine is stable in performance, flexible and convenient in operation. It is added with an auxiliary column, which helps significantly enhance the overall rigidity. This product has a vertical milling head which can move toward right or left 30 degrees.
    1. Customized Machine Tool PartsUpon request, we can customize the machine tool parts including castings, such as bed piece and columns for CNC machining tools. HT250~300 cast iron will be used as the raw materials.

Machine Tool and Accessories

Our industrial machine tool mainly includes gantry CNC drilling-milling machine, gantry drilling-milling machine, floor type face milling machine, multifunction face milling machine, single-arm milling machine, etc.

The machining tools are made of HT250 or HT300. Our company applies new technology, scientific management, and advanced casting technology for manufacturing large casting parts. The advanced processing technologies include resin sand casting, artificial tempering, foam molding, natural or electric shock aging. Those technologies allow us to produce the high-quality machine tool and accessories.

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