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The cast iron surface plate made through scraping or grinding, is mainly used for leveling the large-scale equipment. It is rational in design, secure in structure, as well as high in precision. It can realize the splicing of the 3,000mm to 6,000mm plate. Our cast iron calibration plate is widely applied in the machining operation.
After the long-term natural aging, the granite inspection plate is uniform in structure, and has low coefficient of linear expansion. The internal stress has completely disappeared, which means no deformation will be found. Therefore, our product offers high precision.
This precision angle plate is suited to the parts inspection as well as the clamping in the mechanical processing. It is used to inspect the right angle of the workpiece. When repairing the equipment, it not only can be used to examine the parts perpendicularity, but also used for scribing.
The cast iron square block is mainly used to inspect the verticality, parallelism of parts. It can be utilized to support the workpiece for scribing. Generally, it is a cube or cuboid in appearance. We can make the cast iron measuring block of various sizes based on the client’s requirement.
The straight edge or square is made in accordance with the GB/6318-85 manufacturing standard, and applies the HT250 materials. It adopts the scraping or precise grinding process for its working surface. Aside from the equipment installation, this straight edge and angle ruler is also mainly used for inspecting the straightness and flatness of the working piece.
The metal V-block is mainly suitable for the inspection, revising, positioning, and scribing of the axles or precision shaft parts. Additionally, it can be applied to inspect the verticality and parallelism of workpiece. You can use this product for the clamping in the mechanical processing.
The bench center is chiefly used to inspect the circular runout of the shaft parts and plate-like parts. It is unique in design, elegant in appearance. Additionally, this measuring equipment features high precision, and can be conveniently used.
The shock mount is suited to support and level the machine tool or other equipment. It is mainly used to withstand the main loading and continuous vibration. This type of metal shock mount mainly includes adjustable type, anti-vibration mount, multi-layer anti-vibration mount, etc.
The machining tools are made of HT250 or HT300. Our company applies new technology, scientific management, and advanced casting technology for manufacturing large casting parts. The advanced processing technologies include resin sand casting, artificial tempering, foam molding, natural or electric shock aging.
We can make all kinds of special hand operated spanners, for instance, non-sparking striking box end wrench, non-sparking single-head open end wrench, non-sparking striking open end wrench, non-sparking bent striking box end wrench, non-sparking bent striking open end wrench, among others
Our product catalogue also consists of some conventional assistive tools and inspection tools. In the factory, we can make all kinds of precision measuring tools, for instance, ring gauge, sine protractor, Morse taper adaptor, etc. All those measurementtools are reasonably price, and come with high quality.

JINGDA is a precision measuring tool manufacturing company, founded in 1979. We can provide wide range of heavy duty measurement tools, such as cast iron surface plate, granite surface plate, cast iron angle plate, cast iron square block, straight edge, V-block and bench center. Our company has been developed as a heavy machinery manufacturer, we use production equipment such as milling, planing, grinding, drilling and boring equipment to ensure quality of measuring instruments.

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