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When it comes to precision, industry professionals trust in Jingda Machine Tools. Defining accuracy since 1979, we are a China-based manufacturer that specializes in the high precision measurement equipment such as the cast iron surface plate, granite surface plate, cast iron angle plate, cast iron square block, straight edge & square, V-block, bench center, shock mount, and the non-sparking wrench. The specialized NC machine can be customized according to client-side samples. Machine tools and accessories are available.

Our company property spans 36,000 square meters, of which 20,000 are currently occupied by facilities. We employ more than 400 skilled workers, of whom there are 45 highly qualified technicians. Our factory is outfitted with 48 complete sets of production equipment including lathing, milling, grinding, drilling, and boring devices.

Individual workshops are specialized for procedures such as casting, machining, thermal treatment, and assembly. During the assembly process, we operate in strict adherence with blueprints and processing standards. Only premium components are utilized. Our manufacturing process for measurement tools involves advanced procedures such as resin sand casting, artificial tempering, foam molding, and natural/electric shock aging. A tried-and-true inspection system allows us to further ensure product quality.

JINGDA is renowned for both casting and mechanical processing capabilities. Our 4,000m2 casting plant includes two 20T cranes, two 40T cranes, one 7T cupola furnace, one 10T cupola furnace, one 10×4×5m annealing kiln, two 10×4×3m drying kiln, and other types of high performance equipment. This plant records an annual production capacity of 25.000 tons and is capable of processing all kinds of casting pieces. Our mechanical processing factory is capable of assembling machines in the dimension of 12×4.1×2.5m. We have large-scale processing equipment such as the 3×8m gantry CNC drilling-milling machine, X2032 gantry drilling-milling machine, B2020/B225 gantry planning machine, Z30100/Z3080 radial drilling machine, and the X3810/X3510 face miller.

As a people-oriented enterprise, we have cultivated many talents over the years. The passion and brilliance of these individuals have greatly contributed toward the design of new measurement products. Their efforts have steadily advanced the development of our company. We continue to gather momentum through exceptional product quality and dependable after-sale services. Our reputation is known to proceed us in the domestic market.

Hebei Jingda Machine Tools Manufacturing CO., Ltd.

Address: #4 Road, Industrial Development Zone, Botou City, Hebei Province, China.


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