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Here are technical support about cast iron calibration plate, including information about test method, use, cleaning, repair and maintenance of cast iron surface plates.

Use the block to support the I-shaped cast iron straight edge. Choose the proper bridge plate according to the length of the working surface of the cast iron straight edge. Then, place the bridge plate on one end of the straight edge, and fix the reflector or gradienter onto the plate. According to the span, gradually move the bridge plate from one end to the other end of the


The factors like environment temperature, humidity, vibration, etc., will affect the flatness precision of the cast iron surface plate. It is important to control the application environmental aspects. But to obtain the ideal precision in the daily application of the cast iron surface plate, you also need to pay more attention to the maintenance and proper use of the surface plate.


Because of its own inner stress, the cast iron surface plate may deform under the function of stress, humidity, or other relevant factors. Generally, it should have the surface precision inspection after having been used for half a year. Repairing is required once the precision is proved to be unqualified.


The bottom part of the cast iron surface plate should be treated with the thorough cleaning process. And you should paint it with red anti-rust paint or coatings. Also, the side surface needs cleaning process prior to the rough processing. After the leveling, it should be coated with blue, green, or yellow paint.


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